Climategate Part Three: What Does the Data Really Show?

A look at the raw instrument temperature data since 1850 establishes that some global warming is occurring. Investigating further into our planet’s climate history places this warming into the appropriate context.

There is a pressing need to question the conclusion of global warming and cast a critical eye on the policies that are being put in place on the basis of perhaps the greatest con in human history. Continue reading

Climategate Part Two: The Undermining of the Scientific Method

The scientists involved in Climategate knew their conclusions were based on faulty data and a rigged climate model. These scientists engaged in a systematic and coordinated campaign to prevent their data and model methodologies from being made known. This campaign extended to blatant obstruction of Freedom of Information Act requests. Worst of all, these global warming advocates assaulted the core principals of the scientific method by attacking the peer-review process itself. By pressuring journals and editors to publish papers supporting the ’cause’ while blocking publication of ‘dissenting’ papers, proper scientific debate, the means by which we arrive at the truth, was quashed. Continue reading